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Tiernan Mediation is a Melbourne based firm providing Appropriate Dispute Resolution Solutions in response to the groundswell of demand from the community for cheaper and more effective means of settling differences.

Tiernan Mediation provides mediation services throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Tiernan Mediation is headed by Michael Tiernan whose experience includes many hundreds of mediations over 1000’s of hours.

Michael and his firm are committed to easing the tension in disputes and driving the parties to solutions which reflect their business interests and needs. With a reputation of being sensible, hard working and persistent communicators and mediators you can rest assured that Tiernan Mediation is your best option.

Tiernan Mediation is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and LEADR.

Tiernan Mediation provides the following services to business and government organisations of all shapes and sizes:

• Court Mediation
• Workplace Mediation
• Pre and Non Court Mediation
• Facilitation and Business Planning Services
• Management and Partnership Dispute Resolution
• Business Dispute Resolution
• Preventative advice on dispute avoidance

Please continue to find out more about our firm through our website and if you require any further information or would like to engage our services please contact us to speak to a mediation expert.

+61 3 9947 4541

+61 3 9642 4558


Level 24,
200 Queen Street.
Melbourne. 3000. Australia.

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