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“Seeking Solutions, Building Business”

Appropriate Dispute Resolution

Tiernan Mediation provides Appropriate Dispute Resolution Solutions in response to the groundswell of demand from the community for cheaper and more effective means of settling differences.

Mediation is good for business

We encourage parties to identify and concentrate on their business needs and interests.

A fast cost effective and constructive alternative to court

We believe that early and effective mediation and communication techniques allow businesses to overcome potentially destructive disputes in a timely and cost effective manner thereby enabling businesses to concentrate on getting on with “core business”.

Facilitation and Business Planning

We help businesses in conflict to explore ways to constructively build or rebuild their business relationships whether internal or external. Successful businesses find ways to effectively move past destructive and distracting disputes so as to concentrate on important business. They keep in sight the purpose for forming business relationships in the first place. Tiernan mediation facilitates parties to seek solutions for mutual benefit. We consider mediation to be much more than “bargaining”.

Improving communication and removing barriers

We help parties to:
- Communicate effectively
- To understand and identify their business interests
- To understand the other party’s concerns interests and
- motivations
- To set goals and to prioritise
- To negotiate in accordance with their identified interests
- To generate constructive and creative options, and
- To develop realistic solutions reflecting their identified goals.


Tiernan Mediation is committed to complying with the professional and ethical standards set by:

- The Law Institute of Victoria’s Specialisation and Mediation
- Standards,
- LEADR’s Standards set for ADVANCED Mediators
- National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council’s
- (NADRAC) National standards and Ethical Guidelines for
- Mediators
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