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Michael Tiernan is a highly and richly experienced Specialist Mediator.

He is:-
- A Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Mediation Specialist
- authorised to mediate in all courts.
- One of only 9 Victorian LEADR Accredited ADVANCED Mediators
- (LEADR is Australia’s foremost membership organisation for
- mediators)
- Accredited under the National Mediation Accreditation System

He has mediated many hundreds of mediations over 1000’s of hours. He has a commitment to easing the tension in disputes and driving the parties to solutions which reflect their business interests and needs. His reputation is as a sensible, hard working and persistent communicator and mediator.

Michael is a lawyer who commenced practice as a solicitor in 1981 and until 2004 had been a partner with a National Law Firm for many years where he had been a Personal Injuries Litigator, LIV Business Law Specialist and manager.

Mediation is a people business requiring mediators to have specialised skills.

Michael has a skill set which makes him a sought after mediator:-

- Experience – life experience, the experience of a hardened
- litigator, the experience of a business law specialist, and being - part of his own successful businesses
- An interest in, and an ability to get on with people
- Credibility
- A Practical and problem solving approach
- Persistence, patience and a willingness to work hard
- A sense of humour and ability to put people at ease in
- stressful circumstances.

He often mediates Commercial and Contractual Disputes.

He is frequently appointed as mediator by:
- The Office of the Small Business Commissioner for Lease and
- franchise disputes
- The Office of the Mediation Adviser for Franchise Disputes
- The President of the Law Institute of Victoria for commercial
- and contractual disputes

He is authorised to conduct mediations in all courts except in relation to Family Law Matters.

He is approved by the Victorian Workcover Authority and Transport Accident Commission to undertake mediations.

He has presented seminar papers on Mediation and Legal Practice Management for ALA, ALB, LEADR, Leo Cussen Institute and the Law Institute of Victoria.
+61 3 9947 4541

+61 3 9642 4558


Level 24,
200 Queen Street.
Melbourne. 3000. Australia.

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