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Good For Business and Relationships

A well conducted mediation with a skilled mediator can mean that the parties work on finding solutions to their problems which are beneficial to their business and personal interests. Bitterly contested court proceedings can ruin personal and business relationships. The parties can be distracted from more important priorities to the detriment of family, business, wealth and health.

Speed of Resolution

Mediations can usually be convened and completed in a short space of time whereas compliance with complicated and formal court proceedings and court delays mean that the parties can be locked into intractable disputes for years.


The costs of mediation are usually a fraction of the cost of full blown litigation where costs can get out of control and be disproportionate to the dispute.

Parties retain control

In court control is handed over to a 3rd party to make a decision after presentation of legal arguments by the lawyers. In a mediation the parties in dispute retain control and ownership of the process.

Broad Issues

In court the issues are limited to narrow legal arguments and may not address fundamental underlying causes of the dispute. In mediation the parties are able to vent all their concerns and explores causes of the dispute. The development of creative options by the parties can lead to mutually beneficial solutions.

This is particularly so where the parties have an ongoing relationship.


Most court decisions are open to the public and sometimes attract wide publicity whereas most mediations are private and subject to strict confidentiality requirements.

Avoidance of Precedent

Whilst parties often proceed to court to establish a legal precedent, sometimes this can be risky if an undesirable precedent could be set. Some cases are best suited to settlement.
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