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When people are in conflict, or businesses have commercial disputes or people suffer injuries the traditional way of resolving those disputes has been through the courts. Generally Court offers an expensive, time consuming and stressful method of dispute resolution. There is increasing demand for Alternative or Appropriate Dispute Resolution. The Courts themselves recognize this need so most disputes before the court must be mediated before a court hearing. Some disputes such as Retail Lease Disputes must be mediated at the Office of The Small Business Commissioner.

Michael Tiernan is authorised to mediate in the County Court, Supreme Court and Federal Court. He undertakes pre court mediations which otherwise would be heard in these courts or the Magistrates Court and VCAT. He has also been appointed to mediate where Mediation Clauses in Contracts call for mediation before Court Proceedings are issued.

Michael’s wealth of experience as a Specialist Mediator and previously as a litigator and LIV Business Law Specialist gives him credibility and insight into the strengths and weaknesses of cases.

Michael will prepare extensively. He will contact the parties’ representatives beforehand to seek an understanding of the issues and to help the parties prepare. With the permission of the representatives he will speak to the parties themselves to reassure them about the process and help them set their goals and to prioritize so that they use mediation time effectively. If necessary he will arrange pre mediation conferences.

In the long time it takes a dispute to get to court entrenched positions, sunk costs, changed perceptions, misunderstanding and lack of trust rise as obstacles to communication. Michael works diligently, persistently and with a touch of good humour to ease tensions so the parties can see solutions through the maze.


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