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Business people and businesses set up all sorts of structures to come together to achieve their business dreams. Tiernan Mediation’s philosophy is that mediation plays an essential role to help these businesses still reach their business goals when a dispute or disagreement arises.

Businesses are formed through partnerships, companies, trusts and joint ventures or enterprises merge or purchase other enterprises. Sometimes they carefully consider what they wish to achieve and diligently put their intentions into agreements such as partnership deeds, shareholder agreements, unit trust agreements or joint venture agreements. Sometimes they don’t put their intentions into agreements or they don’t think of everything that should go into an agreement.

These structures bring together:
- Professional Service Firms such as Lawyers, Doctors,
- Accountants, Architects, Real Estate Agents, Financial
- Planners, Vets, Dentists and Physiotherapists
- Property Developers and Investors
- Manufacturers, retailers, distributors, importers and exporters

Inevitably where people are involved disputes arise. These disputes may arise because there was no formal agreement, or a poorly drafted or poorly thought out or uncertain agreement or because agreements have been breached or the parties circumstances have changed. Disputes may range from personality disputes to underperforming partners, to disagreement about business goals to dysfunctional partnerships. Disputes can arise from, and include projects which have gone sour or lost money.

Michael is ideally suited to mediating these sorts of disputes having been a partner in a National Law firm for nearly 18 years with management responsibilities, having been an LIV Business Law Specialist, consulting to Law firms on management issues and being chair of The Law Institute’s Practice Support Committee.

Referrals come typically from Accountants, business advisers or solicitors.

Partnership disputes can often be the most bitter.

Sometimes good communication and the application of business management principles are needed to open the partners’ eyes to the potential of the partnership so that good management planning can be put in place.

On other occasions the dispute is so bitter and long standing that a 3rd party who understands the dynamics of dispute and the nature of the various business structures is needed to help the parties to unravel the relationships and arrangements in the best possible way.


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