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Family businesses and inter generational businesses pose peculiar problems involving:
- All the normal business issues and problems;
- Family emotional and relationship issues with all the
- complexity and pressure that that entails;
- Fairness, jealousies, varying abilities and commitment;
- Varying financial needs and succession planning issues
- The difficulty of growing the business to feed ever expanding
- families
- Funding of retirement of family members from the business

The mediation/facilitation process usually involves a close working relationship with an accountant, solicitor and/or business adviser.

Experience, preparation, patience and persistence and empathy are vital skills which Michael brings to these mediations. It takes the special skill of a mediator combined with the specialist technical skills of other expert advisers to provide a total package to Family Businesses wishing to implement business planning.

A family business may see the need to have an outside independent person to assist with communication between the various members to work through the disparate family interests and to work on positive outcomes.

This may be done as a facilitated planning meeting or a mediation type meeting or as an ongoing management consultancy.


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It gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have and for a member of our team to gain background and provide you an insight into the issues that you are facing.

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