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Michael frequently mediates Workcover claims, S138 Recovery Actions, Common Law, Public Liability, TAC and Superannuation disputes. These disputes include assessment of the extent of injuries, questions of negligence and contributory negligence, and the calculation of pain and suffering damages and economic loss and the interpretation of Superannuation Deeds and the exercise of a Trustee’s discretion;

In these matters the injured person is often traumatized by the court process and will attend mediation swimming in a sea of professional litigants including barristers, solicitors and insurance representatives and of course the mediator.

The atmosphere created by the mediator is very important in easing the apprehension of the injured person and opening the way for a considered and fair resolution of the dispute free of perceived intimidation.

The familiarity of all the professionals can create uncertainty for the injured person. It is important for the injured person to be treated with dignity, respect and to have some ownership of the process.

Michael Tiernan understands the pressure experienced by injured people and has significant credibility when it comes to assisting them through the mediation process. He also understands and respects the nature of the relationship between the injured person and that person’s legal representatives.

He prides himself on his thorough preparation, persistence, persuasiveness, impartiality, fairness, expertise and understanding of the pressures driving the parties in these disputes.

He draws on his many years experience gained as a partner at Maurice Blackburn until 2004.


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