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Workplace and management disputes include:
- personality disputes;
- disputes relating to pay and promotion;
- dysfunctional teams, lack of teamwork, and unhappy team
- members;
- interdepartmental disputes;
- bullying and prejudice;
- non adherence to business plans and lack of leadership;
- underperformance, conflict, workloads, fraud and dishonesty,
- poor communication;
- Poor collaboration between teams and poor delivery on
- projects;
- The flow on effect of performance reviews, warnings,
- disciplinary action and retrenchments.

These disputes are as much about management and communication as they are about legal rights.

In dealing with these sorts of disputes Michael draws on his experience as a Director of Peninsula Health, his management experience and understanding of governance issues, and his Business Law and litigation experience, to make him an effective mediator and facilitator.

These disputes are ideal for mediation or intervention of a 3rd party at an early stage before parties assume entrenched positions or take legal action.

Unresolved management disputes tend to be destructive, distracting and polarizing.

Mediation, particularly early intervention, can benefit both management and individuals by:
- assisting management to clarify, communicate and implement
- sound management principles to get the business back on
- track;
- overcoming personality issues, perceptions and
- misunderstandings;
- clarifying parties’ common goals;
- breaking deadlocks with the intervention of a skilled and
- respected outside party;
- improving understanding of different management and
- personality styles;
- by identifying and clarifying the advantages of diversity in the
- workplace;
- helping individuals to focus on their career priorities;
- helping all parties to learn from mistakes;
- assisting organizations to design an effective dispute
- resolution system for the future.


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